Beany Not Beanhead
Chapter One -The Test

Activity:  Bulletin board display for which students draw or constructearrings Ms. Babbitt might wear for “special occasions.”

Discussion or writing topics: Getting a poor grade on a test, drugs,qualities that are important in a best friend, nicknames that are cruel (essay: Don’t Call Me…).

Chapter Two - Glamour Nails

Activity:  Children draw hands adorned with their own version ofglamour nails.

Discussion or writing topics: Have you ever wanted something badly,gotten it, then realized it wasn’t that great after all?  Relatedtopic: peer pressure, pressure to be like everyone else.

Chapter Three - The Star Sweater

Activity:  Students wear their favorite article of clothing toschool; children bring their favorite stuffed animal to school (a la Beany’sJingle Bell).

Discussion or writing topic: Hiding the truth from parents, studentsmake lists of things they love, and the reasons.

Chapter Four - The Tooth

Activity:  Children bring in pictures of their own smiling faceswith “missing teeth gaps.”

Discussion or writing topic: Children’s own losing-a-tooth adventures,children make their own lists of how to prepare a tooth for the tooth fairy.

Chapter Five - The Talent Show

Activity:  A talent show!

Discussion or writing topics: Standing up for beliefs; standing up tofriends when you don’t agree with them; students draw or write about thingsthey enjoy, just as Beany and her father discussed.

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