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Two of the most important jobs a teacher faces are connecting children to reading and nurturing the life skill of writing. If we can shape our students into lovers of words, both as readers and writers, we will enrich every aspect of their lives. My goals are to help you create excitement and enthusiasm for reading, help the students appreciate the power and beauty of the printed word and demonstrate that all of us are writers. I try to de-mystify writing by presenting myself as an ordinary and real person who respects, loves, reads and creates books. I present the following:

Primary Grades 1-3 (45-minute session including slide presentation and Q & A)

Intermediate Grades 4-8 (50-55 minute session includes slide presentation and Q & A)

Presentation to Teacher Groups and Parents

For teachers/ adults/ families:

For a fee schedule contact me at or at 315-531-1920.

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