Beany Goes to Camp


Chapter One - Arrival


Discussion and writing topics: camp experiences, fear of the unknown or new experiences,  things to do during summer vacation, trips or vacations you have gone on.


Activities:  Make a list of the special items you would pack to go to camp or on a long trip, write a classroom cheer.


Chapter Two - Swim Test


Discussion and writing topics: Feelings you might have the first time you are far from home, describe your experience of learning to swim. Beany is afraid of diving-what are you afraid of?


Activities: Draw a map of Camp Onondaga.  Pretend you're Beany and a classmate is Skye.  What would you say and do to help her not be afraid.


Chapter Three - Campfire


Discussion and writing topics: What you would miss most if you were away from home? What makes a good friend?  Is Carol Ann a good friend?  Why or why not?


Activities: Hat design contest.


Chapter Four - Campout  


Discussion and writing topics: Describe Beany, Carol Ann, Skye, Daisy.  Beany helped Skye get the courage to swim, but in what ways did Skye help Beany? How do Beany's letters change as the week goes on?


Activities:  Hold a student-of-the-week contest, make your classroom resemble camp--bring a pup tent, allow students to bring sleeping bags and spread them on the floor, eat Ho-Hos, Be sure to have students bring a stuffed animal to "camp."


Chapter Five - Last Day


Discussion and writing topics: How did Beany feel just before she dove into the water?  How did she feel afterward? If Beany were to write a letter home after the last night at camp, what would she say? What do you think Beany wished for when she threw a twig into the campfire?


Activities: Draw a campfire--write a wish on each stick.  Design a bookmark with a camp theme


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