Beany and the Magic Crystal
Chapter One - Lost And Found

Activity:  In chapter one the reader is introduced to Beany’s specialstuffed animal, Jingle Bell.  Have students bring their favorite stuffedanimal to class.

Discussion or writing topics:  Experience of getting lost, qualitiesof a best friend

Chapter Two - The Trophy

Activity:  Caring tree- a large branch on which children may attachleaves listing their own caring and sharing acts done during a designatedtime ( week, month), caring and sharing contest.

Discussion - Telling the truth, even when it may get one into trouble

Chapter Three - Hamsters

Activity: Students bring in or draw pictures of their past or presentpets to share with the class.  Students who have never had a pet shoulduse pictures of  pets they have known.

Discussion or writing topic:  What animal would you like to be? Why?

Chapter Four - School Pictures

Activity:  Make a bulletin board display of  school picturesor student's own "bad" picture days.

Chapter Five - The Wish

Activity:  Design a bookmark based on an object, person or eventfrom the book.

Discussion:  Students tell about some special elderly person (grandparent,neighbor) in their lives. 

Writing exercise:  Writing contest - If I Had One Wish

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