Beanyand the Dreaded Wedding


Chapter One - The Decision


Discussion or writing activity:  Have you ever had to make a difficult decision? Have you ever had to do something you were afraid to do?  Have you ever been part of a wedding?


Activity:  Since readers are introduced to Beany's friend Carol Ann and Beany's special cousin Amy, class makes a display of pictures of the special people in the their lives and reasons why those peopleare special. (Students may also be encouraged to write a letter to a special person telling him/her the reasons.)


Chapter Two - The Wedding Gift


Discussion or writing activity: What gives something value, its price or other factors? What are the most precious things in your life? What are some ways to earn money?


Activity:Weaving--Plan and weave place mats from paper strips. Laminate them. A classroom party of Rice Krispie Treats and lemonade!


Chapter Three - The Package


Discussion or writing activity: Bullies, respect for others.


Activity:  Draw the perfect flower girl dress or ringbearers' suit. Write a letter to bully Kevin Gates that might convince him tochange his behavior.


Chapter Four - The Rehearsal


Discussion or writing activity:  The problems that go with having an older sibling. Did you ever do something wrong that you were afraid to confess?



Chapter Five - The Wedding


Discussion or writing activity:  Have you ever had to perform in front of an audience? Do you get nervous in front of an audience?


Activity:  Children bring in photos from weddings they have attended.  Children design and decorate cardboard, construction paper or even styrofoam wedding cakes. 

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